I found this dress in H&M about two years ago, and it generally only gets pulled out on holiday. Admittedly these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago just before the weather unpredictably switched (as usual), but I thought it only fair to bring it out one last time before we're all forced into jumpers and jeans.

On another note, London Fashion Week started on Friday, and I've been working flat out. Follow my instagram to keep up to date with behind the scenes footage, model behavior and next season's trends, and once I've caught up with my sleep I'll fill you in.

Photos by Paris Ackril. Dress by H&M. Platforms by Office. 


Rebecca Taylor SS14

Oh my. Pastel blue, white and grey, this girl has read my wardrobe. Using a combination of cotton, leather and lace across a dreamy range of layered looks, Rebecca Taylor has successfully created a collection of "fresh beauty". Perforated fabric and geometric tailoring gives the soft colours a contrasting edge whilst the nineties sportswear is combined with feminine lace. 
Personal favourite? It has to be that double zipper bomber jacket. 
All in all...  great start to Fashion Week, Taylor, I commend you.


Nicce Clothing

Thanks to the guys over at Nicce Clothing this little number came through the post a couple of months back… With a simple palette of black and white, this 
T-shirt is an understated fave. Starting earlier this year with a view to creating something that embodied the style and quality of street fashion whilst focusing on text and bold designs, Nicce has formed an androgynous line of minimalistic pieces.  Not much more than a few months later they've gained a following of over 15,000, had the likes of DJs and musicians, Ben Pearce, Tini and Bombay Bicycle Club wear their clothes and with a new collection in the pipeline… it's safe to say these boys are doing something right.

Check out their stuff here.  

Photos by Paris Ackril. T-shirt by Nicce Clothing. Platforms by Office. 



Three years down the line and after a load of work, serious lack of sleep and meeting crazy ass deadlines I think I may have just about got myself a degree… Safe to say that as a consequence my blog has not seen the light of day for a good few months, I can only apologise. Having officially moved out of Nottingham, summer ahead and London on the cards, I can without a doubt say that I'm back in full swing.

Fresh start means new things… you may have noticed my cheeky new icons in the right hand corner that link to my other pages online. Check out my soundcloud; I'm no music genius but I'll be posting random tracks over the summer that get me going. Also if you're interested in my whereabouts (starting with Glastonbury next week) I've now linked my instagram up to here. 
Other than that, catch you all very soon!

Photos by Elle Coe. Vintage Top from Cow. Joggers by Topshop. 
Trainers by Nike Air Windrunner. Necklace by Estella Bartlett. 


Fluorescent Adolescent

One more term until I graduate from uni where I'll no doubt be forced to grow up and get some sort of real job that strictly forbids the wearing of fluorescent hats. My trainers will probably be swapped for ankle-rubbing boots and I'll have to start wearing shirts that restrict any sort of movement so I can't even open a door. Still, three months to go so may as well make the most of it. 

Oh, and on a side note, if you're lucky enough to have kiddie size feet like me, get your trainers in the kid's section, 40 squid cheaper than the adult's!

Hat by American Apparel. Jumper by H&M. Joggers by Zara. 
Trainers by Nike Air Windrunner. Necklace by Estella Bartlett.


Fucking Young

Back in January I collaborated on a menswear shoot with photographer Marija Vainilaviciute, that has now been published exclusively for online magazine Fucking Young (see full story here). Shot in central London, with a crazy ass snowstorm and a broken camera lens, the day had its obstacles. Using the unforeseen weather to our advantage and styling model, Kris Brummell, in some dandy looks with a laid-back street edge, we somehow managed to get some great images. These are some of the outtakes that didn't make the story.
Photographer: Marija Vainilaviciute
Stylist: Emily Clay
Model: Kris Brummell
Grooming: Charlotte Louise Moran
Photographer's Assistant: Toshiko Aibara
Location: Angel, London

With thanks to Fucking Young.



For the last month I have pretty much lived in the same outfit. Having had the most intense January of my life, completing 50% of the old degree, motivation to think about what to put on in the mornings has been practically non-existent. So for now my vintage Barbour, Tommy dungarees and Nike Free Runs will continue to keep me comfy and lazy, whilst I try to recover and learn how to dress again.

Photos by James Gould. Hat by H&M. Polo neck by Asos. Dungarees by Tommy Hilfiger. Trainers by Nike Free Run. Coat by Barbour. 
Necklace by Estella Bartlett.


No. 1

I thought it was about time I stopped pretending it is still the holidays and get back to reality, so here's a mini inspiration post to set the year off. Over the last month I have found myself skiing through endless white powder, eating Christmas dinner with my favourite people on earth, partying in warehouses so you wish you could live forever and, believe it or not, working hard at my now semi-existent dissertation. New Year's Resolutions? 
No thanks, I'm quite happy the way things are.
Happy New Year!


Nostalgic Candy

Dungarees have been my saviour of 2012… blue or black, long or short, jean or cord I have them all. Admittedly, not the most flattering things on the planet but who cares when it means running around in a nostalgic onesie with Pooh Bear for company. 

Photos by James Gould. Hat by Primark. Polo neck by Asos. Boots by Deena & Ozzy. Dungarees found at ChinaPig @ Asos Marketplace.



Writers block is such a bitch. I’ve decided I’ve been struck with the infection as it’s the last week of the first term and my brain has become some what frazzled. I was initially going to write an epic philosophical post on the tipping point of street wear, but the 'to do' list is far too long and I have my dissertation presentation in less than an hour (wish me luck). So instead, it’s just me in my not-so-effortless style post for this week. Thanks to the cheeky new vintage shop, Rewind, selling the finest second-hand sportswear for less than a tenner, here I am pretending I’m some sort of dirty little hipster in what can only be described as a fourteen year old boys football jacket.

Photos by James Gould. Hat by Beechfield. Jacket by Nike. Sweater by Topshop. Leggings by H&M.



Too much work, too little time. I'm an expert when it comes to procrastination. Today was supposed to be dedicated to writing at least the introduction to my dissertation but instead I'm here composing superfluous blog content, sharing egotistical photographs of my most recent style post... Don't get me wrong, writing about psychological research on the existence of gender ambiguity can be, at times, really quite interesting, but on a friday afternoon, not so much. 

So here it is, look number two of the month and this one's got two of my most sacred (slightly pretentious) possessions. It's taken me bloody ages to sneak this Moschino backpack into a post, ironically I've had it for over a year and I wear it all the time. The hat, on the other hand I've had for about a month, equally, it's rarely left my head - the obsession is a little worrying. Anyways as time is not infinite I better actually do some work. Wish me luck.

Photos by James Gould. Hat by H&M. Skirt by Topshop. Bag by Cheap and Chic Moschino. Boots by Deena & Ozzy. Necklace by Estella Bartlett. Rings and sweater are vintage.